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I have always been absolutely enamored of radio.  After I figured out that the music coming from the radio of our family car wasn't being produced by teeny tiny little people who lived in the dashboard (for real...I did think that) I was always really interested in the nuts and bolts of how radio works.  However, I fell completely slam-bam in love with radio when I was about 13.  I was always a huge music buff and would spend hours poring over liner notes while listening to albums through headphones.  However, this was definitely pre-Internet, and I wasn't allowed to have a phone (or even TV) in my room.  When I was in there by myself, I was totally and completely by myself.  As much as I loved my albums, I would invariably get to feeling a little lonely, and I discovered THE COOLEST THING I HAD EVER ENCOUNTERED:  all I had to do was turn the turntable off and flip the radio on.  And just like that, with the flip of just one switch, I was no longer all alone in my room.  With the flip of a switch, I was hanging out with a friend, listening to music.  It was, and remains, the coolest magic trick I've ever seen.  I am so honored to get to do this for a living.

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