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                               The World's Most Incredible Trivia Answers!


06/29/20                                          6 am- Q: Half of men over 30 are afraid of THIS.

                                                                          What is it?

                                                                      A : Going bald

                                                          7 am- Q: 57% of men said they cried after THIS

                                                                          happened. What is it?

                                                                      A; Ater their partner accepted wedding


                                                           8 am- Q: 1/4 of American men have no idea how

                                                                           to do THIS. What is it?

                                                                       A: Turn on the dishwasher


06/30/20                                          6 am- Q: 75% of women under 24 said they do

                                                                          THIS and a few years ago 95% did it.

                                                                          What is it?

                                                                      A : Shave their armpits

                                                          7 am- Q: Study says close to 20% of women have

                                                                          done THIS to make themselves look better.

                                                                          What is it?

                                                                      A; Got a nose piercing

                                                           8 am- Q: 20% of women said they refuse to do

                                                                           THIS without makeup. What is it?

                                                                       A: Answer the door


07/01/20                                          6 am- Q: 65% of people who have done THIS admit

                                                                          to regretting it after. What is it?

                                                                      A : Having plastic surgery

                                                          7 am- Q: 15% of people said they dream about THIS

                                                                          on a regular basis. What?

                                                                      A; Their pets

                                                           8 am- Q: 25% of people said they use one of THESE

                                                                           that is at least 5 years old. What is it?

                                                                       A: Their online profile pic


07/02/20                                          6 am- Q: The average person will purchase 15 of

                                                                          THESE in their lifetime. What is it?

                                                                      A : A computer

                                                          7 am- Q: The average woman will receive about

                                                                          100 of THESE in her lifetime. What?

                                                                      A; Boquets of flowers

                                                           8 am- Q: The average person will do THIS around

                                                                           7100 times in their life. What?

                                                                       A: Take a bath


07/03/20                                          6 am- Q: If you could only eat 1 food the rest of

                                                                          your life, THIS was the #1 answer. What?

                                                                      A : Pizza

                                                          7 am- Q: 20% of millenials have never eaten THIS.

                                                                          What is it?

                                                                      A; A Big Mac

                                                           8 am- Q: Study says people who do THIS consume

                                                                           32% less food compared to those who don't.

                                                                           What is it?

                                                                       A: Look in a mirror

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