Paul Anderson

He tells thousands of people every day that he's "The Luckiest Man Alive." His "story" is the reason. It has everything to do with getting to do what he loves! Paul grew up in the Silicon Valley (south of San Francisco, near Stanford University). As a boy, he built his first crystal radio and became fascinated with radio broadcasting. His room was full of radio parts and gadgets and he even built a tower in his suburban back yard. The power company loved him! Paul's other interest have always been music. He started playing the piano when he was 5 years old and also learned to play drums, trumpet and banjo. His love of radio broadcasting persisted and in college he worked at radio stations in Colorado, San Jose and San Francisco. After graduation he moved to Sacramento and managed a station that later inspired staff members to write the pilot for the 1970's/'80's hit TV show, "WKRP in Cincinnati." In 1985, Paul moved to Pocatello to pursue his lifelong dream of owning his own station, playing music he loves and contributing to a great community... and THAT is why he says he is "The Luckiest Man Alive!" It took Paul less time than most to shirk the bad rap of moving to Idaho from California-- one of his first moves as a station owner was to put the only Country station in the state on the FM dial (KZBQ), and this endeared him to many locals. He also took risks again and again to bring in nationally-acclaimed country artists that had never considered East Idaho before, and this further sped him towards acceptance by the locals who are now his family. For over three decades he has hosted the morning program on KZBQ. Paul also owns and manages Hot Adult Contemporary station KORR 104, Country Classics 96.5 FM/1290 AM, KMGI Magik 102.5 Classic Rock and The Idaho Oldies Channel KSEI AM-930 FM-98.5 in Pocatello. He is married to his "dream girl" and has four wonderful children ranging from 15 year old twins to 41 years young! He thanks all of his wonderful listeners for tuning in!

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