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                                                      The World's Most Incredible Trivia Answers!


 01/16/18               6 am- Q: More than 75% of men say they feel guilty when THIS happens.

                                             What is it?

                                         A: When a woman pays on a date

                               7 am- Q: 35% of men who buy THIS try to keep it a secret from their mothers.

                                              Whatis it?

                                          A: A motorcycle

                               8 am- Q: About 250,000 men are injured each year by THIS. What is it?

                                          A: Their wives


1/17/10                   6 am- Q: About 60% of Americans have THIS in common. What is it?

                                          A: They're on prescription meds

                                7 am- Q: Americans claim to have more of THESE than anyone else.

                                               What are they?

                                          A: Good days

                                8 am- Q: 40% of Americans have one of THESE. What is it?

                                           A: An e-mail account


01/18/18                 6 am- Q: According to a German study, THIS raises your risk of heart attack.

                                              What is it?

                                          A: Being stuck in traffic

                               7 am- Q: THIS cuts your chance of having a heart attack nearly in half. What

                                               is it?

                                          A: Owning a cat

                                8 am- Q: A study out of the University of Maryland says doing THIS can be 

                                               hard on your heart. What is it?

                                          A: Listening to music you don't like


01/19/18                 6 am- Q: Women, on average, buy 360 of THESE over their lifetime. What

                                               are they?

                                          A: Bottles of nail polish

                               7 am- Q: Women were asked about the things that will ruin their day. Number

                                              1 was a fght with their significant other, #2 was getting yelled at by

                                              their boss, and THIS was #3. What was it?

                                         A: Wearing pants too tight

                               8 am- Q: Women have more of THESE at the age of 29 than any other time in

                                               their life. What are they?

                                         A: Friends


01/22/18                 6 am- Q: According to a recent survey, 20% of employees are uncomfortable

                                              with THIS at work. What is it?

                                          A: Having a boss younger than they are

                               7 am- Q: According to a recent survey, when it comes to work, 75% of

                                              employees describe themselves as THIS. What is it?

                                         A: Sleepy

                               8 am- Q: Every week, over the lunch hour, almost 10% of full-time workers

                                              do THIS. What is it?

                                          A: Go to an interview for another job


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