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                               The World's Most Incredible Trivia Answers!


07/09/18                                              6 am- Q: 15% of us have a secret hiding place

                                                                           for THIS. What?

                                                                       A: Snacks

                                                             7 am- Q: 2/3 of people say THIS is how they

                                                                            et ahead at work. How?

                                                                       A: "Fake it til they make it"

                                                             8 am- Q: 25% of people say they do THIS 

                                                                            when they are home sick from work.


                                                                        A: They turn their phone off


7/10/18                                                 6 am- Q: 50% of us do THIS at a BBQ. What?

                                                                        A: Get a second helping of food

                                                             7 am - Q: 4 out of 5 people have done THIS

                                                                             while dining out. What?

                                                                         A: Taken pics of their food

                                                              8 am- Q: THIS often tops the list of the most

                                                                             shoplifted item in America. What?

                                                                         A: Meat


07/11/18                                                6 am- Q: According to statistics 4 out of 10

                                                                             women are doing this right now.

                                                                             What is it?

                                                                         A: Dieting

                                                               7 am- Q: Women who do THIS gain about

                                                                              15 pounds on average more than

                                                                              women who don't. What is it?

                                                                          A: Watch cooking shows

                                                                8 am- Q: 10% of women said that before

                                                                               getting on the scale, they've been

                                                                               known to do THIS because it

                                                                               makes them feel like they weigh

                                                                               less. What is it?

                                                                           A: Blow dry their hair


07/12/18                                                  6 am- Q: It wasn't completely legal for me to do THIS

                                                                               until 1936. What?

                                                                           A: Go shirtless

                                                                7 am- Q: 25% of American men now have THIS

                                                                               physical trait in common. What is it?

                                                                           A: They are 6 feet or taller

                                                                8 am- Q: On average, married men do THIS twice

                                                                               as often as single men. What is it?

                                                                           A: Change their underwear


07/16/18                                                  6 am- Q: The average American spends 11 minutes a day

                                                                               doing THIS. What is it?

                                                                          A: Picking out an outfit for work

                                                                7 am- Q: If you work in an office, chances are you have

                                                                              at least 3 of THESE on your desk. What?

                                                                          A: Highlighters

                                                                8 am- Q: For over 10% of Americans, THIS is the first

                                                                               thing they do when they get home from work.

                                                                               What is it?

                                                                          A: Check the mail


07/17/18                                                  6 am-Q: When meeting someone new almost half of people

                                                                               say the person they're meeting is more attractive

                                                                               if they have THIS. What?

                                                                          A: A dog

                                                                7 am- Q: Cat owners are more likely to do THIS than dog

                                                                               owners. What?

                                                                           A: Leave their pet something in their will

                                                                 8 am- Q: 45% of pet owners do THIS for their pets. What 

                                                                                is it?

                                                                           A: They have a birthday party for them


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