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                               The World's Most Incredible Trivia Answers!


09/12/18                                                   6 am- Q: THESE are 48% smaller for a woman than a

                                                                                 man. What are they?

                                                                            A: Pants pockets

                                                                  7 am- Q: The most common type of dream reported by

                                                                                 men was dreaming about falling. WHAT was it

                                                                                for women?

                                                                            A: Dreaming about traveling

                                                                  8 am- Q: THIS is a more risky activity for men than

                                                                                 women. What is it?

                                                                            A: Shoveling snow


09/13/18                                                    6 am- Q: 43% of people said they believe they would be

                                                                                  healthier if they ate THIS instead of what they

                                                                                  are eating now. What is it?

                                                                            A: Dog food

                                                                  7 am- Q: A recent study found that dads do THIS more

                                                                                 moms when it comes to their kids. What?

                                                                            A: Reward their kids with unhealthy food

                                                                  8 am- Q: 24% of kids said if they were President they

                                                                                 would do THIS everyday. What?

                                                                            A: Eat ice cream


09/14/18                                                    6 am- Q: The first one of THESE was produced in 1878.

                                                                                 What was it?

                                                                            A: A telephone directory

                                                                  7 am- Q: THIS billion dollar industry was started with

                                                                                 just an initial investment of $7. What was it?

                                                                            A: Frozen food industry

                                                                  8 am- Q: According to the Wall Street Journal, THIS

                                                                                originated in Radburn, New Jersey in 1929.


                                                                            A: The American Cul-de-sac


09/17/18                                                    6 am- Q: Almost 20% of employees said they would be

                                                                                 more productive if they had THIS. What?

                                                                            A: A better boss...Hmmm... =)

                                                                  7 am- Q: THIS was voted one of the moste hated things

                                                                                 a boss or manager says. What?

                                                                            A: Give 110%

                                                                  8 am- Q: Only 3 out of 100 people surveyed say THIS

                                                                                 about their boss. What is it?

                                                                            A: That they trust them


09/18/18                                                    6 am- Q: It's not nice, but 15% of us have done THIS

                                                                                 at least once. What is it?

                                                                            A: Stood up a date

                                                                  7 am- Q: Almost all people who date online do THIS.

                                                                                 What is it?

                                                                            A: Go after people who are "more desirable"

                                                                                 than them.

                                                                  8 am- Q: 75% of people say if someone does THIS on

                                                                                 a date, it's a deal breaker. What?

                                                                            A: Litter


09/19/18                                                    6 am- Q: The average American eats more than 9 lbs

                                                                                  of THIS each year. What is it?

                                                                            A: Pickles

                                                                  7 am- Q: The average American eats about 23 lbs of

                                                                                 THIS each year. What is it?

                                                                            A: Pizza

                                                                   8 am- Q: The average American eats more than 50

                                                                                  lbs of THIS every year. What?

                                                                             A: Chocolate


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