The World's Most Incredible Trivia Answers!


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                               The World's Most Incredible Trivia Answers!


01/11/19                                    6 am- Q: Over 1/4 of Americans can do THIS. What?

                                                               A: Speak a 2nd language

                                                    7 am- Q: About half of Americans homes have one of THESE.


                                                               A: A houseplant

                                                    8 am- Q; Almost half of Americans have worn THESE at least

                                                                    Once. What are they?

                                                               A; Mickey Mouse ears


01/14/19                                    6 am- Q: 15% of the workforce has one of THESE. What is it?

                                                                A: A business card

                                                    7 am- Q: When it comes to not getting work done in the office

                                                                    16% of workers blame THIS. What?

                                                                A: The temperature

                                                     8 am- Q: About 40% of us have worn THIS to work. What is it?

                                                                 A: A price tag on our clothing


01/15/19                                    6 am- Q: 40% of women say they can't stand THIS about their

                                                                    man. What is it?

                                                                A: His taste in music

                                                    7 am- Q: 1 out of 11 men in a relationship say they would do

                                                                    THIS if they knew they could get away with it. What

                                                                    is it?

                                                                A: Give their wife a fake diamond ring

                                                    8 am- Q: 7% of Americans who are married or in long term

                                                                    relationships, have THIS in common. What?

                                                                A: They met on-line


01/16/19                                    6 am- Q: 39% of people say THIS was their last big money

                                                                    purchase. What was it?

                                                               A: A Mattress

                                                   7 am- Q: THIS is the most-often purchased item in a store.

                                                                   What is it?

                                                               A: Milk

                                                   8 am- Q: The average person buys one of THESE every year

                                                                   and a half. What is it?

                                                               A: A cell phone


01/17/ 19                                  6 am- Q: In the U.S. we consume about 80 pounds a year of

                                                                   THESE per person. What are they?

                                                              A: Tomatoes

                                                   7 am- Q: About 15 times a minute, someone in the world

                                                                   opens a can of THIS. What?

                                                              A: Spam

                                                   8 am- Q: 3 jars of THIS are sold every second in America.

                                                                   What is it?

                                                              A: Peanut butter


01/18/19                                   6 am- Q: Experts say doing THIS throughout the work week

                                                                   will improve your mood. What is it?

                                                               A. Thinking about the weekend

                                                   7 am- Q: People do THIS all the time on weekends and rarely

                                                                  during the week. What?

                                                              A. Relax

                                                   8 am- Q: 35% of us will do THIS at least once this weekend.

                                                                   What is it?

                                                              A: Pay a bill

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