The World's Most Incredible Trivia Answers!


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                               The World's Most Incredible Trivia Answers!


10/09/18                                               6 am- Q: 25% of people admit they have taken THIS

                                                                              from a restaurant. What is it?

                                                                         A: Toilet paper      

                                                              7 am- Q: 5% of people siad when they go out to eat,

                                                                              it bothers them when THIS happens. What?

                                                                         A: When another person at the table orders the

                                                                              same thing

                                                              8 am- Q: 40% of people say they have never done THIS

                                                                               in a restaurant. What?

                                                                         A: Eaten alone


10/10/18                                              6 am- Q: In a recent survey, THIS was the #1 answer when

                                                                              people were asked what made them happy. 

                                                                         A: Fast W-Fi (How sad of society have we become?)

                                                             7 am- Q: THIS happens to the average person every three

                                                                             minutes. What?

                                                                        A: An app on their phone tracks their location

                                                             8 am- Q: It takes longer to do THIS if you use a computer.

                                                                             What is it?

                                                                        A: Read


10/11/18                                             6 am- Q: People named THIS the #1 question to ask before

                                                                             getting married to someone. What was it?

                                                                        A: "Do you like animals?"

                                                             7 am- Q: About a quarter of a million Americans married

                                                                            THIS person. Who is it?

                                                                        A: One of their 1st or 2nd cousins (Ewe!)

                                                             8 am- Q: 6/10 married couples had THIS at their wedding.

                                                                             What was it?

                                                                        A: They had an Ex as a guest


10/12/18                                             6 am- Q: The average person will eat almost 3,000 of THESE

                                                                             over the course of their life. What is it?

                                                                        A: Peanut Butter and jelly sandwiches

                                                             7 am- Q: The average person will eat about 3,100 of THESE

                                                                             over the course of their life. What?

                                                                        A: Bananas

                                                             8 am- A: The average person will eat over 12,000 of THESE

                                                                             over the course of their life. What?

                                                                        Q: Slices of bread


10/15/18                                             6 am- Q: According to a study, humans are not biologically

                                                                             equipped to do THIS before 10 am. What?

                                                                        A: Work

                                                             7 am- Q: The average U.S. worker said they spend at least

                                                                              2 hours a day doing THIS. What?

                                                                        A: Nothing job related

                                                             8 am- Q: U.S. workers named THIS as the biggest issue 

                                                                             when it comes to meetings. What was it?

                                                                        A: They started late


10/16/18                                             6 am- Q: Almost 40% of newlyweds say they miss THIS

                                                                             most from when they were single. What?

                                                                        A: Having their own bathroom

                                                             7 am- Q: A study found that 1 in 5 couples seek marital

                                                                             counseling to deal with THIS issue. What?

                                                                        A: In-Laws

                                                             8 am- Q: 7% of married couples said they argue about

                                                                             THIS at least once a month. What?

                                                                        A: Closet space                                     

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