The World's Most Incredible Trivia Answers!


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                               The World's Most Incredible Trivia Answers!


11/30/18                              6 am- Q: People do THIS more on Friday's than any other day of

                                                              the week. What?

                                                         A: Use an ATM

                                              7 am- Q: According to experts, Monday is the best day to do THIS.

                                                              What is it?

                                                          A: Buy a car

                                              8 am- Q: It's harder to do THIS on Sundays, than any other day in

                                                              the week. What?

                                                          A: Fall asleep at night


12/3/18                                6 am- Q: Half of us do THIS at work in less than 15 minutes. What?

                                                         A: Eat lunch

                                              7 am- Q: THIS is what office workers want the most. What is it?

                                                         A: More natural light in the workplace

                                              8 am- Q: 34% of people say THIS is the last thing they do before

                                                              leaving work. What is it?

                                                          A: Say goodbye to their co-workers


12/4/18                                6 am- Q: 22% of people said THIS is the #1 thing on their Christmas

                                                              list. What is it?

                                                          A: A new phone

                                              7 am- Q: IPhone users do THIS almost twice as much as Android

                                                              users. What is it?

                                                          A: They take selfies

                                               8 am- Q: THIS is the #1 place people lose their phone. Where?

                                                          A: The supermarket


12/5/18                                 6 am- Q: Over 95% of people surveyed say THIS activity is not a

                                                               good idea for a first date. What is it?

                                                          A: Karaoke

                                               7 am- Q: 56% of people say they do THIS on a first date because

                                                               it makes them more confident. What is it?

                                                          A: Wear black

                                               8 am- Q: Only 4% of married couples say they did THIS on their

                                                               first date. What was it?

                                                          A: Went bowling


12/10/18                               6 am- Q: 36% of people said they have tried unsuccessfully to

                                                               stop doing THIS at work. What?

                                                           A: Gossiping about co-workers

                                               7 am- Q: An office worker has a better chance of getting a raise

                                                               if they do THIS. What is it?

                                                           A: Always have a full candy  bowl in their office

                                               8 am- Q: Just over 5% of people said THIS is a secret they keep

                                                               from their boss. What is it?

                                                          A: They smoke

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