Nikki Walker

I am a music junkie! My entire life has revolved around music whether I was singing in choir, or dancing in a studio. It's not just an art form, it's life to me. That is why I got into radio! I had an epiphany one day while sitting in a history class in college, "why am I wasting my time on something that I am not passionate about?" I immediately realized I needed to do something with music and that is when I applied to broadcasting school! I thrived in the environment so I made it a career. After interning for a full year, I started doing part time promotions for a radio station in Denver. Later that year I was offered a job with Westwood One as a co-producer of the Lia show. I Learned everything I could and took my skills to KYGO/Denver and became the overnight girl on the country station. New opportunities arose and here I am! I love my job and am very passionate about it. I enjoy all genres of music, not just country. If I could bring my dog Pip everywhere with me I would! Camping, eating good food and hanging out with my buddies are what fuel my soul. I am a simple woman that loves the outdoors and of course...the music!

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